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(Galway): No, that was before the guards came, but after the hooker.

(Donegal): Why does a Chicken coupe only have two doors?A: Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan!!!

(Cork): I feel like I got hit by a truck made out of Jack Daniels.

(Mayo): So my mom just called me into her room and showed me a condom wrapper she found in my room. "Oh that's from when I was like 16." I don't think that was very comforting.

(Dublin): I kind of wish I was already fat. So I could eat all I want and not worry about getting fat. Cause I'd already be at that point

(Waterford): just walked into the room and her sister said loudly, "do him, or I will."

(Roscommon): im pretty sure i just dented her unborn child.

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